Die besten Windsurfing Strände

Die besten Windsurfing Strände

Brac: Bol beaches

Bol beaches are one of the best spots for windsurfing where the direction of the wind is stable and its strength varies from 10-20 knots.

Krk: Baska beach

Baska is a famous beach destination especially for the experienced windsurfers. It offers you a stable wind and high waves to enjoy.

Omis: Ruskamen

Ruskamen is a great windsurfing destination where wind Maestral blows during the summer days and make suitable conditions for windsurfing

Peljesac: Viganj

As wind on the Viganj is very common in the summer months, this place is ideal for the windsurfers, even for the beginners.

Pula, Premantura

Premantura is a place with perfect windsurfing spots. It is also ideal for the begginers during the summer months when the wind is moderate.

Krk: Punat

Punat is great windsurfing location for the beginners and intermediate experienced surfers since the wind is blowing by medium intensity.

Rabac: Ravni and Girandella

Ravni and Girandela are great windsurfing spots in Rabac. Very favorable wind creates ideal conditions for all kind of the windsurfers.

Sibenik: Jadrija

Jadrija bay is a favorite tourist destination for the windsurfing lovers. The wind conditions are more than perfect for enjoying windsurfing

Opatija: Volosko

Volosko is a famous windsurfing spot in Kvarner bay. Tramuntana wind blows from the north and creating the great windsurfing conditions.